Saturday, January 4, 2014

Best of 2013 (Pic Edition)

Best Moment:  Without a doubt the birth of our son Kilian! Although every mile stone seems almost as amazing!
Honorable mentions: buying our first house, and Leah graduating Nursing School! It's been a big year!
Best Race:  From a performance standpoint St. Patricks Day 8k in DC.  That finishing kick suprised me as much as everyone else!
Photo Credit:SwimBikeRunPhoto
Photo Credit:SwimBikeRunPhoto
Favorite Race: Rothrock Challenge.  This was a tough choice, but because it was new to me this year and because this is what trail racing is supposed to be Rothrock wins out!

Honorable Mentions:  Cayuga Trails 50, Picture says it all.  ECS NewYork, This is a best every year!
Photo Credit: Endurance Photos

Photo Credit: Steve Gallow, Steven Gorgos

Best Trip:  Columbia.  While the race exposed my weaknesses it was a true challenge.  But it was the people who really made the trip!

Most inspirational people:  Mike Wardian and Justin Ricks.  These guys have full time jobs, are amazing runners and awesome fathers.  As I look forward to the coming years having a kid, and hopefully more, has given me new perspective, and I hope to be able to not only balance but mix responsibility, family, and some good outdoor fun the way that these guys do!

My best picture of the year:  Since photography is a bit of a hobby.  This one I took of Brett on Old Rag!

Have a great 2014 everybody!

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